Stay up-to-date on Employment Law Updates, Organizational Best Practices and HR Hot Topics to keep your business in compliance.  HR Experts will provide critical information for business leaders and assist with strategy development,

Some training sessions include:

  • Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
  • Employment Law
  • Workplace Civility & Harassment Prevention


Engaged employees can increase organizational profitability by over 200% but most organizations don’t have an engaged workforce.  This training session focuses on the identifying employee engagement vs. job satisfaction.  Participants will walk away with various company-wide and team strategies to drive overall employee engagement to increase their business’ profitability.


Effective coaching is critical to organizational success.  In this session managers will learn how to develop individual and team performance goals in order to establish team member buy-in and connection to overall business strategy. We’ll spend time reviewing various coaching strategies to get performance back on track while keeping employees engaged.


Having the skills to effectively communicate in the workplace is invaluable and can directly impact employee performance, engagement and overall business success.  Effective communication skills include listening, verbal and written communication.  Participants will understand how to plan for and excel during difficult conversations to clearly communicate the most crucial topics, manage conflict and provide clarity to all involved.


Explore best practices for planning, communicating, executing, and sustaining change. Leaders gain strong resources for future change initiatives including project timelines and communication plans. Time tested principles such as stakeholder sponsorship, employee engagement, measurement of effectiveness and insurance of sustainability will be discussed and practiced during the session.


Thriving in the most competitive employment market in decades requires a purposeful selection process where candidates have a great experience and managers are able to identify the best talent for their team.  This course focuses on best practice recruitment strategies and processes to find the RIGHT people to help your business thrive.


Examine what it takes for teams to move up the hierarchy in team development to a high performing team. By self-identifying where they are in the journey, teams will develop actionable steps to accelerate their performance. Tools in learning include: DISC Profiles and concepts from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.


Explore proven leadership practices to strengthen individuals’ leadership style. Leaders gain knowledge of their personal strengths and development areas by participating in the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) 360 evaluation. The leadership knowledge gained, along with the evaluation of the leader’s 360 feedback results, is used to create an individual Leadership Development Action Plan.


Facilitators guide leadership teams through an impactful discussion of employees’ potential and performance. These productive discussions lead to identified successors and development plans to ready these successors and other high potential individuals. Pre-work includes completion of performance and potential assessment for each direct report.

Learning and Development Solutions - Step 1: Organizational Essentials - Employment Law; HR Risk Management; Workplace Civility; HR Trends; Wellness. Step 2: Building Blocks for Managers - Coaching for Performance; Retention Strategies; Handling Difficult Conversations; Conflict Resolution; Team Building. Step 3: Leveraging Leadership - Employee Engagement; Talent Development and Succession; Cultivating Culture; Leadership Development.