We understand the HR management of your business has become more complicated due to changing regulations and a complex and competitive workforce. We are the solution for our clients to simplify these challenges and serve as a full-service extension of their team.

It is important for businesses to have the HR expertise they may need an on-site resource on a consistent schedule or available remotely for critical events.

Our client relationships start by evaluating your HR practices and programs to determine development of your existing practices and critical areas that need attention. From this HR assessment, we create a prioritized custom HR project list tailored to address your needs. While we help address your day-to-day needs, we are also tackling priorities from your project list.

We tailor our services to meet your company’s needs. The goal is for your management team and staff to think of us as part of the organization’s team!


Need help setting up an HR department or do you just want to have an unbiased assessment of how your HR department is doing? We will establish or review your HR policies, practices and records for opportunities to improve.


Improving employee performance can be frustrating for managers if they don’t have the proper training to provide clear expectations and feedback. Consistent coaching brings performance issues to the employee’s attention, improving individual performance, the team, department and the company. We work with both the employee and manager during this process.


The Employee Handbook is the most important communication tool for an employer to have to set expectations for their employees and describe what can be expected from the company, legal obligations of the employer and employee rights. We will help create or revise a Handbook tailored to your company.

Did you know that the employee handbook is typically the second item requested (right after a copy of the employee’s personnel file). The DOL, NLRB and EEOC have the authority to issue investigative subpoenas, so they ultimately have access to the handbook.


HR Elements prides itself on being a part of your team, there to assist you from the initial on-boarding of an employee to managing conflict in the workplace and assisting with disciplinary action, up to and including terminations. Handling employee relations takes skill and expertise and requires individuals that understand the many facets of employment law that can assist your managers as they navigate the process. HR Elements is here to partner with your managers to coach and assist them through these uneasy waters, to ensure compliance, and to mitigate risks.


An effective performance management process maximizes employee engagement, development and performance to promote proactive succession management. We help develop the review process, identify core competencies, develop the tool and educate management on performance conversations.


The foundation of effective HR operations is relevant and enforceable employee policies that are well defined and clearly communicated. HR Elements will partner with you to ensure a reliable foundation upon which to build your organization and to ensure compliance.


HR Elements understands that as a small business you can become overwhelmed by the amount of compliance imposed upon you by the government; therefore we will take this burden off of your shoulders as we have the tools, training and experience necessary to ensure your company remains compliant.