Whether your business is expanding, your HR staff is wearing too many hats or you are in need of temporary support, we provide project-specific HR assistance to supplement your human resources department.   We also offer training for management effectiveness, evaluation and performance, workplace civility, behavioral interiewing and coaching.


Need help setting up an HR department or do you just want an unbiased assessment of how your HR department is doing? We will establish or review your HR policies, practices and records for opportunities to improve.


Does your leadership or management team understand how to improve business performance? Our Leadership and Management training gives them the tool to enhance their leadership skills and improve management effectiveness which impacts company success.  Training topics include:

  • Organizational Essentials – manager HR 101, employment law and workplace civility.
  • Building Blocks for Managers – coaching for performance, retention strategies, handling difficult situations and conflict resolution.
  • Leveraging Leadership – talent development, succession planning, cultivating culture.


The Employee Handbook is the most important communication tool for an employer to have to set expectations for their employees and describe what can be expected from the company, legal obligations of the employer and employee rights. We will help create or revise a Handbook tailored to your company.

Did you know that the employee handbook is typically the second item requested (right after a copy of the employee’s personnel file). The DOL, NLRB and EEOC have the authority to issue investigative subpoenas, so they ultimately have access to the handbook.


If you periodically have questions or need a second opinion, we are here to help. We are not employment attorney’s, but have many years experience with a wide variety of situations so it is likely, we have been in your shoes!


We collect information from your HR Risk Assessment and a throughout interview with your leadership team to develop a Roadmap for you to follow to develop HR best practices.

Engagement Survey

We work with your leadership team to design a customized employee engagement survey that provides information you can use to respond to the pulse of your organization before you lose critical talent.