HR Elements offers a comprehensive full-service approach from creating infrastructure to reinforcing ongoing practices of good HR habits.

Based on this you will see our services broken into two sections. The Core Services are essential to a healthy HR program, and as a partner to HR Elements, you will receive all HR Elements Core Services. The Supplemental Services can be added at any time. Based upon our conversation, we have recommended select Supplemental Services (designated by the colored HR Elements Atom in the Supplement Services Section).

Core Services

Employee Policy & Communications:

The foundation of effective HR operations is relevant and enforceable employee policies that are well defined and clearly communicated. HR Elements will partner with you to ensure a reliable foundation upon which to build your organization and to ensure compliance going forward with the following CORE Services:

Employee Handbook Administration (including audit)The handbook is a key resource for all employees regarding benefits, policies, rights and obligations in the workplace and, as such, it is critical component to ensuring compliance. HR Elements will develop (or audit and edit) your employee handbook to ensure legal compliance
Labor Law Poster ManagementHR Elements will provide federal, state employment and labor law posters that are generally required
Labor Law Compliance AssistanceHR Elements will provide assistance in helping protect employers and reduce risk in areas such as compensation and equal opportunity by providing assistance and education with employment and labor laws.
(Note: This is a consultative relationship as HR Elements is not a law firm. Employers should consult with their attorney or legal counsel)
Employment FormsEmployment forms are essential to compliance and HR Elements will ensure you are provided with all the forms necessary to remain compliant. In addition, we will provide recruiters and/or managers with checklists to assist in the process to ensure no forms are missed.

Employee and Employer Relations:

HR Elements prides itself on being a part of your team, there to assist you from the initial enrollment/onboarding of an employee to managing conflict in the workplace and assisting with disciplinary action, up to and including terminations. Handling employee relations takes skill and expertise and requires individuals that understand the many facets of employment law that can assist your managers as they navigate the process. HR Elements is here to partner with your managers to coach and assist them through these uneasy waters, to ensure compliance, and to mitigate risk with these CORE Services:

Manage Initial Employee & Employer Enrollment / OnboardingHR Elements will assist you in getting employees started by facilitating with employee onboarding. We will collect new hire paperwork, explain benefits, and verify all documentation is complete and accurate. We will follow up with new hires to ensure they turn in benefits paperwork within the designated timeframe. If desired, we will provide managers with checklists to assist them in onboarding new hires and will provide forms packets to ensure all required paperwork is available quickly and easily for managers.
Coaching SupportHR Elements believes in assisting in creating a culture of coaching which, in turn, will create a high performance organization with high morale for you. For this reason, we will work with managers one on one to provide guidance and plans for coaching and developing their teams. This includes both coaching for strengths and coaching for development.
Grievance Resolution and InvestigationHR Elements will assist you and your employees through the grievance process, as outlined in the employee handbook, should an employee have a grievance or dispute about their employment or discharge. Should a need for an investigation arise, HR Elements will conduct the investigation and propose and assist in the resolution, if necessary.
Employee Relations SupportHR Elements provides support in such a way as to ensure fairness to employer and employee and to ensure all employment laws are followed. HR Elements will assist in employee relations and conflicts as they arise.
Labor Law Legal Counsel CoordinationShould your legal counsel need assistance on claims relating to worksite employer and employees, we can provide assistance, subject to restrictions imposed by law. HR Elements is not a law firm and cannot represent employers. We can only provide consultative support and aid in coordination.

Regulatory Compliance:

HR Elements understands that as a small business you can become overwhelmed by the amount of compliance imposed upon you by the government; therefore we will take this burden off of your shoulders as we have the tools, training and experience necessary to ensure your company remains compliant. Compliance is our primary responsibility with these CORE Services:

EE0-1 Review and FilingHR Elements will audit, review and file your EEO-1 report in accordance with government regulations.
FMLA / ADA ComplianceIf a situation arises in which the employee can exercise their FMLA and / or ADA rights, your HR Elements team will provide the support you need and will guide you through the process. For the ADA this will include the interactive process required.
I-9/Immigration ComplianceEmployers are required to complete a Form I-9 for all newly hired employees to verify their identity and authorization to work in the United States. HR Elements will assist in ensuring proper completion of the I-9 form for all newly hired employees and / or will audit all past forms to ensure compliance. We will ensure they are properly completed, filed and stored.
Wage & Hour ComplianceNavigating wage and hour compliance can become difficult, especially as an employer branching into multiple states. HR Elements will audit records, keep up on changes to city, state, and federal wage and hour laws and ensure your compliance.

Supplemental Services

The following services are services that are outside of the services considered CORE to the HR Elements package and are provided as requested by clients.

Recruiting ServicesHR Elements will handle all facets of the recruiting process for the client including: running advertisement, reviewing and screening incoming resumes, conducting phone interviews and narrowing down candidate pool, assisting in second round interviews as requested, making offers, coordinating start dates/onboarding.
Background checks / Drug testing supportHR Elements will assist in coordinating background and drug testing to include finding providers for such efforts.
Pay Structure ImplementationHR Elements will assist you in the research, design, and implementation of a market-based pay structure. This process will include a complete audit of and update (if required) of job descriptions. We will partner with you and your leadership team to ensure buy-in and understanding. Together we will determine how your company would like to handle communications, transparency, and roll-out of the program.
Employee Engagement SurveyHR Elements will conduct an anonymous survey of your workforce then, if necessary, conduct focus groups. We will work with you to develop action plans based upon outcomes to improve engagement.
Wellness Program DesignHR Elements will work with you to research and implement a wellness program that works within your budget to improve employee wellness. This may include finding providers to assist you in this endeavor.

Training Programs:

Performance Management (4 Hours)This course will help managers understand how to work with employees to establish goals and objectives, deliver continuous feedback, basic coaching for success and assisting employees in creating and establishing effective development plans.
Coaching Essentials for Leaders (4 Hours)This introductory course will provide leaders with a basic foundation for what it means to be a leader, as well as making the switch from co-worker to leader. Learners will then quickly learn the difference between proactive versus reactive coaching and will be given tools and a process for coaching for both success and poor performance. Leaders will be given the opportunity to practice their skills through interactive role playing scenarios.
The Successful Leader (2 Hours)This course will focus on skills that are critical to the success of any leader – building trust and creating an engaged workforce that motivates employees. Part of building trust as a leader is establishing boundaries, being consistent in your messaging, and not playing favorites. During this course, we will also spend time talking about what motivates employees.
Employee Law and Case StudiesThis course is to provide an overview of basic employment law and how it impacts decisions that the company makes, as well as how leaders must react to situations that arise. We will use this time to go through actual case studies of performance issues. Managers will get to utilize the tools used in Coaching Essentials and the Successful Leader to assist them in working through how they would handle the situations prior to hearing how the actual cases were handled and what the outcomes were. We will also utilize this time to follow up on the handbook to see if there are any questions / issues that have arisen since the implementation.