Like many of you, I take this time of year to pause and reflect on accomplishments in 2021 and determine priorities.  I ask myself, “What is truly important”?  I have said for years that employees are our most important priority, and as I plan for 2022 I have strengthened that belief into greater action.  We have named our most tenured and seasoned HR Director to lead employee development at HR Elements, and help create pathways for our team to grow professionally. By identifying this role, we are asking our team to focus on themselves in 2022.  To set aside the time, to make the effort, to really reflect on what is needed for self-care and enrichment.  It is critical when delivering our very best to others. 


Our internal theme for next year is The Power of You in 2022.  What does that mean?  That means moving ourselves to the front of the line.  That means understanding that the power we generate from within needs to be fed.  That fuel can come from moments of mindfulness, exercise, self-recognition, and whatever that person needs on an individual level.  As a team and an organization, our rally call in 2022 is to help one another be committed to themselves.

I would suggest that you consider identifying a similar leadership role for employee development in your organization, to give this much needed focus to your team.  It sends a strong message that your actions match your beliefs in growing, developing, engaging and nurturing your talent. 


One of our staff members said it best, in a recent survey we conducted asking to re-evaluate our company values, when they said: “Our passion glows through our interactions with our clients and each other.”  The challenges of the last several years have pushed mental health and workplace stressors to the forefront.  Companies and leadership teams must take note and determine how they can continue to nurture their teams.  It is about more than employee benefits and flexible work hours.  It is about what makes your company the best it can be, the people.


Thank you for your business, your continued support, and for making our team feel so appreciated.  We are looking forward to an awesome New Year.  Remember – The Power of You in 2022!


Most sincerely,