Leading a Hybrid Team   Working from home used to be a perk enjoyed by those with specific positions or “open-minded” managers. Since the spring of 2020, it’s been our new normal and the thinking was it would be temporary. As we roll into 2022, with many of us still working from home, we need […]

Risk Free Festivities

Ringing in Risk Free Festivities Some companies are “Christmas companies” and others are “holiday companies”. However your organization chooses to celebrate this season, here are tips to minimize your risk and maximize the cheer. Easy on the cocktails In today’s culture of in-office beer taps and wine bars, if you have an on-site holiday gathering, […]

Ready for open enrollment?

It’s time for open enrollment. This edition of HR Brief Newsletter discusses tips for preparing for open enrollment with a hybrid workforce, and provides details on how employers have even more time to submit equal employment opportunity (EEO-1) workforce data from 2019 and 2020. Don’t just think about benefits in October. Open enrollment is something […]